Geometry & Physics Can Fix Your Dog’s Torn Knee

Repairing Your Dog’s Torn Knee Ligament

Has your Dog Torn a Ligament? ACL surgery in dogs or CCL surgery is by far the most common orthopedic surgery performed in all veterinary medicine. Whether your dog is big or small, active or inactive there’s always the possibility you’ll need to discuss knee surgery with your Veterinarian.

The vast majority of ACL injuries in dogs are a result of a “HyperExtension of the Knee Joint.” Like us humans, most folks who blow their ACL are football players or basketball players, because they are continually “thrusting forward” but its common for the average joe to do the same while doing home repairs, being a weekend warrior, or bowling, Some of the more common scenarios reported from dog owners revolve around the dog chasing a squirrel in the backyard or playing hard with a furry friend. Unfortunately it’s a painful injury for your pet and your help will be needed for a full recovery.

Surgical Options

Factors to consider when choosing the best surgery option for your dog are their:

  1. Size
  2. Weight
  3. Age
  4. Degree of normal physical activity
  5. Surgery cost

Many dogs get what’s referred to as a fishing line. For this surgery a continuous nylon suture (similar to fishing line) is placed around the fabellar bone of the femur and looped through a hole which is drilled in the tibial tuberosity. The two ends of the suture are then securely held in place using a stainless steel clip. For some dogs this is a simple fix, but reoccuring ligament tears have been seen in more active dogs.

More Advanced Techniques Are Now Available Which Should Be The Goal for Your Dogs Ideal Recovery

Call us at the Animal Hospital of Fairfield for an evaluation regarding your Dog’s torn ligament, we aim for a full recovery and only want to see you afterwards for well care visits.:)

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