February Is Pet Dental Health Month

Do you brush your teeth daily and if you have children have taught them to do so as well. But what about your pet?  Are they receiving daily, weekly or monthly dental care?

Yes you can provide your dog with dental chews that will provide minimal plaque removal, but a deep cleaning and exam should be completed at least annually. Dogs chew on random items, sticks, stones, furniture which can break a tooth, tear at gums and potentially cause infection. Like humans, pets can develop cavities, gum disease which can lead to other health related diffulties.

Veterinarians like Dr. Akbaway and Dr. Raj can perform dental exams, cleanings and advanced dentistry services for your dog, cat or exotic pet.

If you recognize any oral discomfort, decreased appetite, lack of chewing on toys, bones, change in gum color or bad breath, call our offices to schedule an exam.

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