Does Your Pet Have Bad Breath?

Bad Breath or halitosis could be more than just a sign that Rover ate something bad, it’s often a sign that your dog’s dental health is not what it should be.

Why you need to brush your Dog’s Teeth…

Dog and Cat Chews can do some of the work for you, but brushing your pet’s teeth is necessary as well. Lucky for dogs and cats, they aren’t as prone to cavities as humans. However, veterinarians estimate one of the leading reasons for a vet visit is for a tooth extraction due to poor hygiene and infection.

Dental Work is one of the leading reasons for a Visit to the Veterinarian…

Just like us, our pets can develop gingivitis and periodontal disease when food particles get stuck in their teeth. These particles along with bacteria lead to plaque and this plaque, in turn leads to deposits of rock-hard tartar along the gum line. If it isn’t removed, the tartar will irritate and inflame your pet’s gums that then can begin to separate from the teeth. These separations become a haven for more bacteria and worsening periodontal disease. All of this can lead to severe pain for your pet, tooth loss, abscesses in their mouth, and/or bacterial infections that can spread throughout the blood stream to the kidneys, liver, heart or brain. Unfortunately, periodontal disease is irreversible but all of this can be helped or even prevented with regular pet teeth cleaning.

Here’s a video from the AVMA to help you learn to brush your pet’s teeth.

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