Geometry & Physics Can Fix Your Dog’s Torn Knee

Repairing Your Dog’s Torn Knee Ligament Has your Dog Torn a Ligament? ACL surgery in dogs or CCL surgery is by far the most common orthopedic surgery performed in all veterinary medicine. Whether your dog is big or small, active or inactive there’s always the possibility you’ll need to discuss knee surgery with your Veterinarian. […]

Preventing Bloat Or Gdv In Your Dog

Remember when your mom wouldn’t let you swim right after eating when you were a kid? Supposedly it was to prevent a stomach ache but most likely to give her a break. But for dogs that are deep chested and prone to GDV keeping your dog in a resting state before and after eating is […]

July 4th Fireworks Can Terrify Your Pets

Many pets exhibit signs of anxiety to loud noises like July 4th fireworks as well as thunder and lightning storms. Some dogs and cats scratch and whimper, some run uncontrollably and will want to bolt out of the house. It’s pretty much a panic attack and if you’ve ever experienced one, you’ll know that they […]

Does Your Pet Have Bad Breath?

Bad Breath or halitosis could be more than just a sign that Rover ate something bad, it’s often a sign that your dog’s dental health is not what it should be. Why you need to brush your Dog’s Teeth… Dog and Cat Chews can do some of the work for you, but brushing your pet’s […]

February Is Pet Dental Health Month

Do you brush your teeth daily and if you have children have taught them to do so as well. But what about your pet?  Are they receiving daily, weekly or monthly dental care? Yes you can provide your dog with dental chews that will provide minimal plaque removal, but a deep cleaning and exam should […]

Pet Dangers In The Garden

Not All Shamrocks Are Lucky Some plants are deceiving as you don’t think there is danger lurking especially shamrocks as they are believed to bring luck. Both green and purple shamrocks as well as Rhubarb and Sour Starfruit contain a soluble oxalate crystal that can wreak havoc on all pets. An animal will have to […]