Why Choose Animal Hospital of Fairfield

Our mission is to embrace the diversity of our patients by welcoming all ages, sizes, breeds and temperaments into our hospital and provide them with the best veterinary medical care possible. We understand the bond and relationship between human and pet, therefore we make it our life’s work to care for them as if they were our own.

Customer Testimonials

The most professional and respectful DVM i have ever came across, with a sincere appreciation for animals. He treats all my pets as they were his own. We, as pet owners, have definitly learned alot from him. His consult doesn’t only end at Medicine and health but also includes behavior, which is great for those first timers. I have trusted him for the spay/neuter- (which was done way better then those at the aspca- no offense to you guys good job though) and will continue to trust him for any further situations with my pets.


I cannot put into words of how I feel about this hospital. I had my cat Buster there in April of 2004. He was diagnosed by Dr. Akbawy with having two lumps in the lower intestine. I was advised that Buster needed an operation in order to remove the lumps. I had no doubt in my mind that Buster would successfully make it through the surgery. Here is it December of 2006 and Buster is now 16 years old and he acts like a young cat all over again. Dr. Akbawy saved my cat’s life and I will forever be greatful to him. I recommend him to everyone. I mean seriously, who would not want the best service for their cat. Buster is part of my family and he is also part of the Lincoln Avenue Cat Hospital family. If the cat hospital is reading this…thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I know Buster appreciates the great service that you guys have given to him. Thank you again. ”


Wonderful, cat loving environment. Very Clean. Caring staff. We use this animal hospital for our rescued cats and kittens, from the youngest to the oldest. They even have a staff at night for the cats that stay overnight. Over 60 of our cats and kittens have been treated here. They have spay/neutered several cats, provided dental cleanings and surgeries, emergency and critical care, as well as routine vaccinations, a wide range of tests, diagnosed and treated general and sever illnesses. We are very pleased with the quality service, and grateful for their generosity to our organization. Friends of Homeless Animals of No. NJ,Inc.


Incredible Doctor!: Not only is this doctor incredible with pets, as he was very kind and dilligent in attending my chihuahua and took the time to explain all things to me in detail and encourage questions, he is also a remarkable individual with whome a pet parent will have no problems relating. BEST VET EVER!

Lincoln P